What is D2D Chat?

D2D Chat stands for “Device to Device messaging”. It is a messenger designed to give you  the ultimate privacy with control of your identity, and messages.

With D2D Chat, you can send messages, photos, videos, and files of any type, as well as  having audio or video calls. It may sound like any other messenger, but there is a big  difference. All your communications travel directly from your device to the receiver’s device  without ever going through our servers.

Who is D2D Chat for?

D2D Chat is for anyone who wants to protect their identity, and maintain their privacy when  messaging or calling.

You can use it in your professional or personal life

  • Professional Life: People in business are always concerned about their privacy. They  have a lot of information which is confidential to them and their business, which  could be detrimental to them if exposed. D2D allows you to carry out your business,  having professional and confidential conversations knowing that all communications  are as good as the spoken word. No online records.
  • Personal Life: It is important to keep your conversations private as we constantly  read about the consequences for people when their private life is exposed. When  you meet someone new you can keep safe with D2D as you do not have to exchange  your number to communicate.

No matter who you are, with D2D Chat, you can be sure all your messages are kept strictly  between you and the receiver.

How did D2D Chat come about?

D2D Chat came about after realising that most of our communications occur on messengers  which are not secure. As we grow increasingly dependent on messengers for all types of  communications we need systems in place to protect our messaging privacy.

During a message’s journey there are several times when they are subject to potential  threats. This could lead to confidential information being exposed resulting in serious  consequences at both a professional and personal level

The key areas where messages are at threat of exposure are:

  • On servers
  • On the device
  • During transit
How does D2D Chat work?

D2D Chat is very different from other messengers, but simple to use. All messages and  communications travel directly from your device, to the receiver’s device without ever going  through our servers. This means that we have no record of who you are, who you are  contacting or what you communicate.

Also, we do not synchronise your device contacts with D2D, which means you have the  power to decide who you want to chat with.

How secure is this messenger?

We have used three different methods of encryption to ensure all your communications are  kept strictly between you and the receiver. These three different methods of encryption  mean it would be difficult for anyone to hack your communications, including us. As your  messages, do not travel through our servers, we have no access to your communications

What sort of Encryption methods does D2D Chat use?

D2D offers you triple layer encryption to ensure that your messages and other  communications remain strictly between you and the receiver.

Through the D2D registration process you are issued with two keys. A public key that you  share (automatically) when you connect with other D2D users, and a private key which  (automatically) remains personal to you at all times. Every D2D contact that you  communicate with will have given you their public key (automatically) and you will have  given them yours. Each message sent is encrypted with the specific D2D contact’s public  key. It cannot be opened unless there is handshake between the public key that you have  used to encrypt the message and the private key that they have to open the message.

Every message you send also has a secondary encryption process, which is sent to the  recipient along with a randomly generated key that changes for every message you send.

The third layer of encryption occurs during the transmission between the message leaving  your device and being received by the other party. This is called Transport Layer Security.  (Remember with D2D the message is only sent between devices and never via a server).

Is my device supported?

D2D Chat is supported on most Android and iOS devices. We support all Android and iOS  phones that meet the following requirement:

  • Your Android phone is running Android 4.2 or later
  • Your iOS phone is running OS version 8 or later
How do I register with D2D Chat?

Our main mission is to provide you with ultimate privacy and control, so when you register  with D2D Chat, you will find that we do not ask for your phone number. The only details we  require for you to create a D2D Chat account are:

  • Name (You can give a pseudo name rather than your real name)
  • Email Address (You can generate a new one and only use it for recovery of your passwords on D2D)
  • Pin identity (You create your own)
  • Password (You create your own)

You are required to enter a pin identity as this is your way of staying safe in the messaging  world. When you want to add contacts onto D2D Chat, you do not need to give your  contacts your phone number; instead you just give them your pin identity.

  1. Why do I have to create a password?
    We ask you to create a password in case you want to log into your D2D Chat account  using another device.
  2. Why do I have to give an email address?
    We need your email address so that if you want to burn the app (in case you lose your  phone) we will be able to verify it is really you who wishes to burn the app, as we send  you an email link to allow you to activate app burn. Although we have your email ID we  cannot link this to you as you have registered with a PIN and the name that you chose to  register with may have no trace to you.
What personal information do you hold about me?

None. The only information we have are the details that you gave for registration. We never  ask for your phone number and you can use a pseudo name to register. Your messages are  not stored on any servers . Because of this we don’t have copies of any of your messages,  media or documents that you’ve sent, received or stored locally on your device.

How do I add contacts on D2D Chat?

To protect you, we’ve developed a simple and safe way for you to connect with your friends,  colleagues, customers or other contacts. Rather than sharing your phone number with them,  just share your pin to connect with them.

To add people into your D2D Chat contact list you can either enter their PIN details manually, or if you are in the same location as them, you can scan their unique D2D QR  code.

Why can’t I see my contacts on D2D Chat?

If you have just registered onto D2D Chat, you will not have any contacts. We do not  synchronise your device contacts with D2D. This protects your privacy, and you remain in  control of who you connect with on D2D. To add contacts to D2D, see ‘How to add contacts  on D2D Chat?’

Why do we both need to have good internet connection to exchange messages?

All communications take place between the two devices (phones) and not via a server. For  this reason, each of those devices (phones) needs to have a good internet connection.

What happens if my internet connection is poor?

To send messages you will both require good internet connection. Any messages which you  try to send when the connection is not good will remain on your phone until you both have a  good connection.

What do the colours next to the messages mean?

You will see Red, Green or Blue next to the messages which you send.

Red: Message has not been sent

Green: Message been received at the other end

Blue: Message has been read by the receiver

What do the different coloured beacons mean?

Green: You are connected on the internet and on D2D

White: You are connected on the internet but not on D2D

How do I stay safe on D2D Chat?

In addition to being able to decide who you want to communicate with on D2D Chat, you  have access to over 13 privacy features, each one giving you control of your messages even  after they have left your device. Use Stop Screenshot, Stop Copy/ Forward/ Share to prevent  your contacts from taking screenshots of your conversations, or sharing your messages with  others. You can also command your messages to self-destruct from yours and the receivers  end with Blink and Blink Chat. If you have sent a message to the wrong person or by mistake,  you can take it back at any time with Extract, even after the receiver has read it. For more  information on the other features, take a look at the website. If you’ve already downloaded  D2D then check out the ‘Help Centre’.

How big a media file can I transfer?

You can transfer a file up to 10 MB in size

What can I do cross platform?

You can send invitations from the app to users on other platforms inviting them to join in an  audio or video call. The receiver must have a chrome browser.

Can I invite contacts to join a Video / Audio call cross-platform?

Yes. You can send an invitation from D2D to a contact that they will receive on a different app. So long as they have a chrome browser installed (Android ) they can tap the link and participate in the call / video call.

Reporting Security Vulnerabilities:

We take our user’s privacy very seriously. If you believe that you’ve found a security vulnerability inour product or service, please let us know right away, and our team will review the information andrespond to you as soon as possible.

Please email us at support@d2dchat.com